DUMBO Circuit Fitness Course

TODA participated in a design competition to create a brand identity, campaign, and a fitness course concept for the DUMBO Business Improvement District. Initiated by AIGA/NY, TODA produced a concept that speaks with hopeful enthusiasm while keeping in place the copious attitudes of the creative community in DUMBO. The voice of the campaign captured an optimistic, energetic and rebellious spirit that encompasses various aspects of neighborhood and its residents. TODA conceived of an active (and unexpected) visual icon, using socks as an ideal democratic symbol of the individual fitness effort. TODA developed an iconic visual element (of socks/feet in motion) to function as park identifiers and wayfindng system. The overall On You Feet Dumbo concept connects the local community and inspires active individuals from adjacent neighborhoods to enjoy DUMBO as a destination for both physical and creative growth.


DUMBO Improvement District


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